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Our drone is purpose-built for cartography and scouting purposes catering to large official areas such as national parks. Oftentimes, there are areas where knowing what lies ahead is crucial to the safety or even survival of others, and traditional services such as Google Maps, which only update every 5 years, just don’t cut it. The people need a more sophisticated and immediate solution, and our drone fulfils that. Our drone caters to the needs of US National Park Services to scout out their territory efficiently while keeping themselves and others safe. This drone features a carbon fiber frame, 6-inch propellers, efficient brushless motors, a powerful 6000mAh 6S battery to provide highly extended battery life for the Park Rangers, and appropriately specced MCUs, ESCs, and receivers. This drone is fast, made to handle high speeds, and with its high quality integrated camera, it can provide footage that meets up to the standards of Park Rangers alike.

Cartograφ Drone

by Sofia.Faghihy

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Each year, between 120 and 140 people die in US National Parks. Studies by the US National Park Service have shown that the main cause of death involves vehicle accidents, falling, and drowning caused by general uncertainty of surface conditions in the area.
Although Google Earth and Google Maps provide mapping for most urban areas, there is no platform currently available for fast, efficient, and detailed mapping of remote and isolated regions that are inaccessible by conventional mapping methods. This is where our drone design comes in.
Our drone is a cartography drone that uses multiple onboard sensors to create accurate and frequently updated maps that can be used by the US National Park Services to gather recent, interactive data that will help local authorities and rangers to better understand geographical conditions, routes, and trails in remote areas in national parks. This is made possible by collecting video footage and ultrasonic data to create accurate maps that recognize frequently-changing road conditions.
Our target audience is the US National Park Services who require more efficient means to map out remote areas in their national parks in order to prevent prevalent deaths and disasters caused by misunderstanding and misinformation of geographical surface condition.
This target audience is a suitable choice here since the US Government has invested in drone-related projects in the past and the earlier mentioned statistics show a critical issue with current knowledge on surface conditions in US National Parks. Since US National Park Services staff members are adequately trained and knowledgeable, they will be able to gather reliable and relevant footage through the drones that can be used to increase the safety of US National Parks.


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