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We are the Smoke Chasers and we fly high to seek help from the sky!
Forest Fires are a recurring theme in forests around the globe. Every year, thousands of acres of lands, houses and lives are lost due to forest fires, which are caused by lightning and by careless campers who leave behind untended camp fires. Our drone is designed to report back to the fire department in case of large fires in a forest. Our drone will contain a smoke sensor, which will detect the smoke. It will also contain a fire sensor which will detect a fire. A special feature in our drone is that it will use an Artificial-Intelligence forecast to predict the intensity of the fire after a certain period of time. This allows the firefighters to prepare accordingly.

Forest fire and smoke detecting drone

by Shatha Jamadar

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Forest fires are very common around the world because they are caused very easily around the world . Many forest fires can easily start from natural causes such as lightning which set trees on fire. This fire is easily spread across the whole forest and can destroy a lot of land, houses and lives. Forest fires can also be caused by people who are being careless like campers who leave behind unintended fire, cigarettes etc. There are also cases of arson where people deliberately put properties on fire. So, our drone will fly fully automated and report fires in real time.

So if there is a forest fire, our drone will be sent to inspect the location of the forest fire and detect the smoke and fire. It will then alert the fire fighters and the forest rangers about the situation immediately.  Our drone will also use Artificial intelligence (Al) forecast to predict the possibility of the fire becoming dangerous and spreading on a hourly basis if not treated urgently. It will then pass this information to the fire department, alerting them about the situation getting worse.

Smoke and fire can cause many damages to the body. Fire can burn our skin and they also release carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, in the atmosphere and this can cause global warming. Smoke can also cause many health problems like lung cancer, dizziness and also heart disease. Fire and smoke can greatly impact the species by destroying their habitats. So, our drone will be able to reduce these problems. Therefore, our drone is important for our environment and our world.

A unique feature in our project is that our drone is aerodynamic so when it flies, it will be able to fly and hover in the air very smoothly. The drone will be covered and the propellers of our drone will be enclosed so if the propellers hit any object, the propellers will not break easily. When our drone is covered, the smoke from the fire won’t be able to destroy the drone or any of the components of the drone. So, our drone will be covered in a square- shaped structure which will look like a pizza box. One problem with this idea can be that once the drone is covered, there will be no air flow inside and all the components will heat up but we have a solution for this problem. Our drone’s body will have holes in it so air can flow inside and outside, keeping the components of the drone cool. This allows the drone to not heat up and cool down.

Features and components of our drone:

  • Our drone will be using a PETG frame which has a wheelbase of 210mm.
  • The weight of the drone will be 700 grams which includes 500 grams for the drone and 200 grams for the batteries used in the drone.
  • The payload weight of our drone will be 50 grams.
  • Our drone will be using a RS2205  Brushless DC Motor and a SimonK Brushless Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).
  • We will be using a FlySky Transmitter and Kk 2.1.5 flight controller which comes with many sensors that can give accurate information about any situation.
  • We will also be using 5 inch propellers, Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery 2200Mah, a 100A Multirotor ESC Power Distribution Battery Board and a Xt-60 power supplier for our drone.
  • Our drone will be using MQ6 LPG Isobutane Propane Gas Sensor Module which is a smoke sensor and it will be used to detect smoke in our drone.
  • Our drone will also use IR Flame Sensor for Arduino Fire Detector Sensor which is a fire sensor and it will be used in our drone to detect fires.

We all girls need some support from you to succeed and make history since we are the only girls team to fly drones in the whole UAE for the first time. We need to raise 50% of the money through this crowd funding program which is around 5200 AED to cover up our drone costs and the rest of the money will be paid by ourselves, our school is also helping us with it. We have designed this drone because we need to make changes in our world and make it a better place for us to live by reducing forest fires around the world. If forest fires are reduced, many species and humans can be saved from getting extinct. So, our drone can help to not only reduce forest fires but also save hundreds or thousands of lives. So, please help us to raise money through this crowd funding program so we all girls can succeed to make the world a better place and create history.

Remember we are the Smoke Chasers and we fly high to seek help from the sky!

We are an all girls team which consists of Shatha, Azza and Fadwa. We are from Al Basma British School.

We hope you understood our concept and are interested in raising funds for our project.


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