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My drone can be used by hospitals to load the drone’s secure container with blood samples or other medical specimens and transport them to nearby labs for testing and diagnosis.


Drone net wight : 0.493 kg

Drone flight time: 9.93 mins (with full load) 

Drone capacity: 9 test tubes

Payload bay size: 160mm x 50mm x 50mm

Type : Hybrid X quadcopter 

Medical Delivery Drone


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When one is sick, it is important for the doctor to diagnose what is causing the sickness and be  able to find a cure to that sickness quickly. Usually this is done through blood testing where blood is drawn from one’s body and then analysed. However not every hospital has access to a blood lab(this is especially evident in developing countries) ,therefore the sample has to be transported to a hospital that has access to the equipment for analysing the sample, this will waste valuable time, if the patient is critically ill. Therefore it is important for the sample to be analysed as fast as possible and a drone can do just that because it can take the shortest possible route and avoid traffic. The drone can carry up to 9 test tubes at a time. 


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