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Our Drone is a drone which is capable of picking up metallic waste and separating it from the other waste in the environment. It is capable of doing so with the help of a Electromagnet attached underneath the drone. It picks up the waste separates it and drops it off at the required location. This is highly important as not separating such waste is highly dangerous for the environment and increases global warming and pollution

Metallic Waste Collecting Drone

by Mohit

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Being citizens of the world, we are worried about the future of our earth.
Pollution is a major factor that is taking the world by storm. We as a team decided to invent something innovative, that is capable of changing the world. We have invented a magnetic waste managing drone. A rod is attached to the drone and there is a plate below it that is magnetic. This magnetic plate helps to attract magnetic objects towards it resulting in cleaning the environment. This drone has the capability of picking up waste simply lying on the ground. This helps to avoid all the problems caused by metal pollution to earth as well as humans.
This invention could be a revolution in this world of advancing technology. If this project is taken to higher levels or if it is executed on large scale, it can almost completely change the world. All we require is ‘will’ and hope that we have evergreen and a bright future.




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