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My drone named SCOUT is a quadcopter drone in an X frame shape for speed and agility. The drone is built for protection and surveillance and protection. It can move quickly and has the ability to call the required government service if it deems it necessary. It has a thermal imagery lens and a night vision camera to assist in its duties like following human beings or vehicle, scouting out an area or finding suspicious activities in the area it is assigned. The camera will both send a live feed to the connected device/s and will also download the data on an SD card in the camera.

SCOUT – Surveillance and Protection Drone

by Tanush C

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Tanush C

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My drone uses 4 propellers to provide the necessary thrust and energy to pitch forward at high speeds and hover at heights.

The drone will also be equipped with a night vision camera and thermal imagery to detect robbers or sources of fires. If there are any thermal irregularities, it will observe them and call the respective government service to deal with it.

It will also have the ability to track vehicles.

It will be controlled manually and an operator can manage and coordinate multiple drones at once.

Drone Specifications

Flight Time – up to 30 mins

Drone Weight – 1096 grams

Receiver Range – FULL Range

Type – Quadcopter X frame for speed and agility

Drone Parts

4x 1000KV Brushless motor A221213T
4x simonk firmware 30A ESC with BEC 5V output support 2-4S lipo
1x F450-V2 4-axis frame with circuit board
2x Multi-axis 1045 CW and CCW propellers 10*4.5
1x APM2.8 flight control with compass (straight needle)
1x GPS7M with electronic compass-APM interface
1x GPS Folding Antenna Mount Holder
5x 20CM Hook & Loop Fastening Tape
5x MWC cable (signal cables)
1x T Plug Male Connector With 11.5CM Silicone Wire
12x 3.5mm Bullet Connector banana plug
1xRadiolink T8FB remote control with R8EF receiver
1x HRB 6000mah 11.1V 3S 50C Max 100C Hard case Lipo Battery with Deans T Plug
1x A9 HD WIFI Camera


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