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Combining traditional farming methods with modern innovations. A drone that increases farming efficiency, quality and quantity and helps farmers overall.

The Farmadrone

by ronak.m

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The Farmadrone – A drone that can bring changes in the methods of farming along with making it easier for farmers.


The most basic problem farmers face is crop failure. Their whole life depends on their crops. It not only provides a source of living to the farmers, but also a source of nutrition to them along with all the other people in the world. Now, why do crops fail. This could be due to natural reasons such as floods, droughts, earthquakes etc. or reasons such as infertile soil, improper fertilizer distribution etc.


In the olden days, farmers used to rely on cattle to get their work done. This had many problems such as maintenance of cattle, cost of cattle and inefficiency of cattle.


Then came gliders, which were more efficient but still had their issues such as knowing how to operate them, maintenance etc. and they had limited functionality.


Introducing the farmadrone. A single solution to efficient farming. The farmadrone does the functions of cattle, gliders, and more all in one. It does not require a pilot. It is relatively much smaller and much easier to use and has minimal maintenance.


The farmadrone will have several attachmenst such as a nozzle for fertilizer and water supply, a hoe, a compost dispenser etc. which the farmer can easily attach or remove like legos.


The farmadrone will also have a wind turbine and solar panel to make the battery last as long as possible.


Programming will be made very simple for the farmer to understand along with efficiency and accuracy.


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